Howdy, Thank you for sharing your time with me. My name is Sheri Jones and I am the creator and administor of this blog. I have three loves of my life, my boy’s, baking and running. And my third love is a necessity because of my second love. I have three beautiful, very active, and who are hungry all of the time, boy’s. And a super sweet husband/guinea pig, who is willing to try my “creations”. My love for baking started when my parents bought me a KitchenAid mixer for my 18 birthday. Love that mixer and still use it today. When I was in college, I worked in a custom bakery for two years. Working there opened my mind to the true creativity of what you can do with a little sugar. I love the fact that I have a large family that gives me the opportunity to bake and be creative. Being born and bred Texan I am blessed with the different cultures and foods that this beautiful state offers. With that said, I am also grateful to be able to share these creative adventures with y’all. Live.. Love… Happy Baking….